Aluminum clad wood  Windows and doors adopt the structure of exterior aluminum interior wood, and the glass is mostly made of multi-layer hollow tempered glass.The gold properties of external aluminum are not only waterproof, moisture-proof and not easily deformed;In many adopt strict screening of American red oak wood, Russia larch, Indonesia hong mei randy, import wood paint surface spraying, moistureproof, anticorrosive and color is diversiform, not only greatly improve the level of the building, good visual effect.The “bridge + hollow” structure enhances the sound insulation and tightness, which can be used for heat preservation and insulation, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of heating and cooling.The energy saving and environmental protection of Windows and doors are fully reflected.The inner wood is solid wood, with high compressive and flexural strength.The external aluminum adopts fluorocarbon electrostatic spraying, electrophoresis and other treatment methods, its structure is strong, beautiful and generous.BaoMu aluminum doors and Windows, decorative, energy saving and environmental protection sex is higher than that of aluminum alloy doors and Windows, aluminum wood, achieve the result of double decoration, interior is sweet, elegant solid wood doors and Windows, outside from intuitively is noble, luxury aluminum alloy doors and Windows, its color can be sprayed on the surface of the aluminum alloy, to adapt to the different architectural styles.It is the first choice for high-end villa doors and Windows that reflect the people-oriented characteristics of science and technology.



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