1.Samples support

   “You open a shop, I send sample” pattern, means to pay the sample deposit, do sample amount is 10 times the amount of time, return sample
Opening and holiday promotional price support.
Promotional activities from time to time within a year , the strong support of the dealer winning end .

2.Technical Training Support

   Its franchisees can send staff to learn the structure of Windows and doors factory and hardware installation professional knowledge.

3.Rebate Bonus Support

   The franchisee to complete the annual sales target , based on the total sales amount of up to 5% of the reward .

4.Quality Assurance

   All products strictly implement national and industry standards, ensure the quality to achieve qualified completely.

5.Price Match Guarantee

   Price guarantee strictly enforce the lowest ex-factory price and retail price, ensure that all dealers profit shall be inviolable.

6.Regional guarantee

   company requires that each market provided a brand dealers , and control with a brand marketing .

7.Research and development guarantee

   Annual innovation to ensure that dealers have sustainable profits and avoid vicious price competition in a homogeneous product .

8.Technical assurance
We have an independent R & D and production and processing centers , and domestic and foreign well-known companies to establish a long-term program of window systems of cooperation , using professional ERP doors and windows processing software , so each product has a rigid quality assurance technology .

9.Service Assurance
We are committed to provide you with the receipt of the completed design Measurements doors within 24 hours after confirmation of your order at the stipulated time to complete the manufacture.