Name of the project: tai yihu winery.
Curtain wall type: aluminum door, window, etc.
Project features: European architecture.



Name of the project:No.8, oasis bay, tianjin.
Curtain wall type: wood clad aluminum door, window.
Project features: single-family, townhouse.



Name of the projectYuncheng hydrophilic bay.
Curtain wall type: wood clad aluminum door, window, aluminum alloy insulated hot, window.
Project features: suzhou garden style.



Name of the projectHuayi longze bay.
Curtain wall type: glass curtain wall, aluminum alloy insulated window, etc.
Project features: complex project.



Name of the projectLinkage U valley one, two, three.
Curtain wall type: aluminum plastic plate curtain wall, glass curtain wall, stone curtain wall, aluminum alloy insulation window, etc.
Project features: single office, plant project.