The wood-clad aluminum windows and doors combine the characteristics of the aluminum alloy doors and windows of the thermal break bridge with the main characteristics of solid wood doors and windows, and are more environmentally friendly, decorative, and energy-saving than aluminum alloy doors and windows. The force structure is a heat-insulating bridge aluminum alloy. The inner wood can be selected according to customer’s requirements. It can be used for conifers or broadleafs (such as red oak, white oak, cherry wood, walnut, etc.).

It reflects the harmony of nature and the charm of nature. Outer aluminum can be treated with fluorocarbon or electrostatic spraying, electrophoresis, etc. Its structure is sturdy and elegant. On the whole, wood-clad aluminum windows and doors are more feature-compatible and economical. They are more suitable for multi-storey and high-rise buildings and high-grade apartments, and are suitable for large-scale doors, windows, and oversized doors and windows.

Wood-clad aluminum windows and doors from the overall performance of the current trend of replacing aluminum alloy doors and windows. Italian-style wood-clad aluminum doors and windows, exquisite and gorgeous, strong decorative; adhering to the two advantages of energy-saving aluminum alloy windows and wooden windows, the characteristics of modern doors and windows in one, truly reflects the external Yi with the show, natural and modern Coexistence is perfect.


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