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What is a solid wood window

Doors and windows made of wood are called wooden doors and windows. Including doors and windows made of wood as a bearing member and aluminum and plastic. Abbreviated wood aluminum composite window, wood-plastic composite window.

The unique warmth and excellent durability of natural wood doors and windows are the most important reasons people love it. After special treatment, the solid wood doors and windows have very good quality, weather resistance, deformation resistance, sound insulation, and are very elegant and practical. Sexual fusion is the first choice for high-end home decoration.

What are the advantages of wooden windows

First, good insulation performance

Roto hardware: windows are the most heat-dissipating parts of a building, and can be said to be weak points in the maintenance structure. According to research conducted by the construction department, 40% of the energy consumption of a typical building is emitted from windows. The heat transfer has three forms of conduction, convection and radiation; conduction occurs mainly in window frames and sashes. Convection occurs at the seals and crevices of doors and windows, and radiation occurs mainly on the glass surface. Because wood is an excellent thermal insulation material, the thermal conductivity is extremely low and thermal bridges are blocked.

The structure of modern wooden windows effectively ensures air tightness and rain leakage. Therefore, high-performance wooden windows can reduce building energy consumption by 15%. In the cold winter room temperature above 20 °C and outdoor temperature below -25 °C using high-performance pure solid wood window, the same energy-saving principle, also reduces the heat transfer and reduces energy consumption.

Second, good sound insulation

The soundproofing properties of windows affect the quality of life and privacy of occupants. Traffic noise and noise in modern cities make the soundproofing performance of windows even more important, and indoor conversation and behavior sometimes require privacy. Therefore, modern houses and office buildings have very high requirements for the sound insulation performance of windows. Modern high-performance solid wood windows are superior to special structures and materials, and have excellent sound insulation properties, which can reduce the noise by about 25dB. If there are special needs, they can further improve the sound insulation performance.

Third, aesthetics, decorative performance is good

In many building materials, the visual effects and tactile effects of wood are the best. The natural color of wood is pleasant. Different tree species have different styles and colors. Unlike steel windows, aluminum windows, and plastic window, the feeling of cold and cold, it can be Create a very harmonious and pleasant environment.